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Practising The Artist's Way - exploring your innate creativity (new course)

Guest blog post by Eugenia Rosa

Creative inquiry for wellbeing & sustaining your professional (or aspiring) artistry.

I was helping prepare a space for an event recently, and in moving things from shelves to cupboards, I observed how dust had left a distinct outline. One of the women I was with noted how easily it accumulates. I agreed that dusting was a never-ending task. I also added that the managing of dust (and domestic chores in general), was one of the very things that inhibit women from ‘creating’ - they are simply too busy managing and caretaking within the home.

Of course, as I have mentioned in a previous post, ‘creating’ can take many forms - not least of all the very soulful process of making a home for yourself and/or your loved ones. However, sometimes we want, need, and in my experience CRAVE, a ‘thing’ of our very own. We, as women, are so very good at nurturing and providing safety and space for others. So what for an intentional container or space that allows the possibility of making something that is only for ourselves?

‘Isn’t that selfish?’ I hear you ask.

The answer is ‘No.’ Not at all.

In fact, it’s essential.

Consider it the new norm, or even the New Black.

How so? Well, my favourite metaphor is about the safety warning about affixing your airplane oxygen mask. The whole point, and vital priority for your survival, mandates that we apply our mask before helping that of our dependents. Without our supply of air, we are of no use to anyone: we will run out of oxygen /life, and the consequences are grave.

The same is true of our wellbeing and vitality. Caring for and prioritising what nourishes and nurtures our heart and spirit is an inside job. Unless you are very fortunate, it’s unlikely that you have a guardian or mentor looking out for your best interest, or advocating for you prioritising play, nor making sure you schedule inspirational activities or adventures.

Brene Brown says in the Power of Vulnerability that of the hundreds of people she studied, “the whole-hearted” – people living good, full, connected lives with a sense and feeling of real wellbeing – all share creative endeavour at the heart of their actions. It wasn’t necessarily that they were experts or full-time artists, but more simply, these folk were singing in choirs, making candles to sell on Etsy, illustrating in their lunch breaks, and so on.

So maybe you’ve been busy making candles, or found a choir to enjoy filling the intrinsic part of you that has a desire to bring something creative into the light of day.

Could it be that you are ready to take that curiosity a step further?

Can you imagine the transformation that's possible if that were the case?

You are welcome to explore your innate creativity in community with The Artist’s Way Women’s Circle. This 13 week journey is an invitation for an exciting adventure with your inner artist, maker or imagineer, based on Julia Cameron’s acclaimed book of the same name. Led by Eugenia Rosa - a Writer, Artist, Embodied Womanhood Mentor and impassioned encourager of play and curiosity - you will experience a joyful, honest and heart-centred facilitation, which allows space for the unfolding and shared wisdom of the circle. 

Tuesday evenings, 6.30pm-8.30pm

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Eugenia is a Creatix, Women’s Embodiment Mentor and Teacher, and impassioned encourager of curiosity and play. With formal education and training in various practices within the Embodied Arts (theatre and fashion design, music, education, and bodywork), Eugenia’s work and practice is grounded in a whole-of-self approach. In this way, working with Eugenia is an invitation to explore the fullness of our beings through creating, and allowing change and challenge to awaken and reveal the woman within. To support such transformation she has become devotional about her daily creative expression, ritual and mindful-intimacy practices which she has found to stoke her artistic fire with possibility and freedom.

Through her website, she shares her reflections and learning by offering tools, practices, and pathways for women to (re)connect and (re)ignite their passion, purpose and self-empowerment.  

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