Make your own re-usable food wraps!


Switch to a safe, natural alternative to using cling film, foil or zip plastic bags by making your own.


Prettier than plastic, freezable and biodegradable, Bwrapz Food Wraps are also naturally anti-bacterial, keep your food hygienically clean and help preserve the food. With love and care, they can be reused for around a year. The wraps are perfect for sandwiches, cheese, bread, food covers and freezing.


Handmade in Edinburgh, Make Your Own Bwrapz Kits include locally sourced cotton fabrics, brush, parchment paper, Bwrapz homemade melts and step by step instructions


Each pack contains the materials to make one one 35x35cm, one 30x30cm, and one 25x25cm wrap:

- S, M, & L swatches of eco-cotton (35x35, 28x28 & 20x20cm)

- 2 Bwrapz making block mix (beeswax, pine resin, jojoba oil)

- 2 sheets of baking paper

- Brush

- Step by step instructions 


Please note that pack designs vary, and the fabrics in each pack are unique based on the materials available. You can note at checkout if you would like a Christmas themed design.


Free collection from The Arienas Collective or can be posted directly by BWrapz to the address provided on your order.

Make your own re-usable food wraps