Make your own Bwrapz! 


Bwrapz Food Wraps are an alternative to using cling film/plastic. These wraps are perfect for sandwiches, cheese, bread, food covers, freezing. Reusable and biodegradable, just seal with warm hands and wash with a little cold water and soap.


Each pack contains the materials to make one one 35x35cm, one 30x30cm, and one 25x25cm wrap:

- S, M, & L swatches of eco-cotton (35x35, 28x28 & 20x20cm)

- 2 Bwrapz making block mix (beeswax, pine resin, jojoba oil)

- 2 sheets of baking paper

- Brush

- Step by step instructions 


The designs in each pack are unique based on the materials available. You can note at checkout if you would like M/F or natural adult or child or Christmas designs.


*UK Postage included in price

Make your own food wraps kit - Bwrapz