This thoughtfully written and beautifully illustrated book by environmental activist, climate fiction writer and forest leader, Esme Finch aims to encourage young environmental activism through teaching about the benefits of trees and animals.


Split into a series of stories, we see Willow look after animals and people, the world changing around her, and the compassion of the local community for nature.


"We want to teach a loving attitude towards nature from a young age and acknowledge the environmental legacy that our trees leave." (Esme Finch, Enviro-mental Matters)


Esme's mission is to enlighten and educate children about environmental matters through storytelling and dance. She recently stayed with us while volunteering (and marching!) at COP26 in Glasgow. And we're delighted that she brought a small supply of her beautiful new book to leave with us! 


This book would make a perfect - and timely - present for anyone wishing to encourage young children to engage actively, and positively, with their environment. Copies are available now for collection in person, or posting - please order by Friday, 17 December 2021 if you wish it to arrive in time for Christmas. Postage and packaging is free and all sales income will go directly to Esme to support her environmental work.


Esme recently featured on Radio 1's 'One Minute of Me - Environmental Special'. You can follow Esme's journey on Instragram @Enviro_mental_matters

Through the eyes of a tree: an enchanting children's book