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The Arienas Collective offers a welcoming, home-based workshop space in central Edinburgh, where artists and designer-makers can share their creative skills and passions with others in order to earn an income.


We provide members of our Collective with admin, marketing and sales support so they can spend more of their time being creative.


We want to encourage more people to experience the well-being benefits of engaging in a creative activity, and support those who wish to become creative entrepreneurs.


Our vision is to create a world where…


• an artist’s skills, qualifications, experience and time are valued on a par with similarly qualified others;


• they are able to earn a living as a working artist;


• and do not have to rely on additional income from public funding, and/or low-paid, part-time jobs.

Variety of Bags


We care for the well-being of our planet as much as our artists, makers and workshop participants.


By creating your own, you know the provenance of everything. Our workshops feature upcycling and recycling projects, plus planet-friendly materials and equipment.


We seek out recycled and biodegradable products, and avoid single use packaging (single use plastic is only used where necessary for hygiene reasons).


Look out for the planet-friendly mentions in the workshop descriptions. We also shop locally for our refreshments, and feature local providers wherever possible.

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