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The Arienas Collective is a mutually supportive team of Edinburgh-based creatives - including artists, makers, designers, photographers, writers, performers, and others - who are passionate about what they do, and want to share their passions and skills with others through the delivery of workshops. 


Our vision is for a world where a creative's skills, qualifications, experience and time are valued on a par with similarly qualified others so that they are able to earn a living as a working artist, and do not have to rely on additional income from public funding, or a number of low-paid or part-time jobs.


If you would like to join our team, email Lynn.

If you'd like to help us achieve our vision, book or gift a workshop.

Anna- Campbell-jewellery-school-scotland


Anna is an experienced jeweller and teacher.


After starting her career as a Psychology lecturer, Anna decided she wanted some creativity in her life! She took some jewellery making classes, discovered silver clay and was hooked. Anna went on to complete the certification for the two main brands of silver clay, Art Clay and PMC and is, to date, one of only 12 people to have achieved the Higher Diploma in Metal Clay from the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery.

Although now living in Edinburgh, Anna still teaches for the London Jewellery School and is a mentor and assessor on their Diploma programme. She has also taught for Jewellers Academy and at some high profile events including being a Jewellery Expert for Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair, and being invited to teach at the You Can Make It Metal Clay UK residential conference in 2017, 2018 and 2020. She can also be seen on Create and Craft TV as their silver clay jewellery demonstrator.

Anna sells her jewellery periodically in boutiques and shops and has been commissioned to make jewellery for celebrities.


"I love that Arienas is a creative place away from everyday life, a space to learn and make."



Cass is a self taught bookbinder who has a particular interest in working with pre-loved and everyday materials. She first delved into bookbinding while studying Fine Art Sculpture at Glasgow School of Art, making her own sketchbooks to record her creative process. 

After a brief stint in Newcastle and at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where she studied a Masters in Art Museum and Gallery Education, Cass moved to Edinburgh to take up the role of Development Officer with Voluntary Arts Scotland, where she worked for 8 years, providing support to voluntary-led creative groups across Scotland.

In her early Edinburgh days, while volunteering with Remade in Edinburgh, a donation of leather (from an old sofa) re-ignited Cass’s interest in bookbinding and has led to her developing a range of upcycled bookbinding workshops, which she now teaches full time, both independently, under the name ‘Bookbinding with Cass’, and in collaboration with a range of artists and venues across Scotland as well as offering kits and workshops online.


"I get a real buzz out of sharing my passion for bookbinding and inspiring others to see the creative potential of pre-loved materials that might otherwise end up in landfill. It’s great to see people leave each workshop with a unique and usable book, ready to start its creative journey, plus the skills and know-how to make more at home."

Cass - hi res.jpg


Eugenia is a Creatix, Women’s Embodiment Mentor and Teacher, and impassioned encourager of curiosity and play.

Eugenia has formal education and training in various practices within the Embodied Arts (theatre and fashion design, music, education, and bodywork). Her primary practices include Writing, Photography, Embodied Mindfulness and Yoga, and intentional communion with the natural and unseen worlds. Over the last three years, she travelled extensively, and lived in Australia, Indonesia & Japan whilst deepening her methodology, spiritual inquiry and artistry. 


Eugenia’s work is grounded in a whole-of-self approach to intentionally creating the life we desire. In this way, working with Eugenia is an invitation to allow change and challenge to awaken and reveal the woman within. To support such transformation she has become devotional about her daily creative expression, ritual and mindful-intimacy practices which she has found to stoke her artistic fire with possibility and freedom.


Through her website - - she shares her reflections and learning by offering tools, practices, and opportunities for women to (re)connect and (re)ignite their passion, purpose and self-empowerment.


Laura is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation, a qualified Careers Advisor and an Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0) assessor.


She specialises in coaching individuals and groups to help them find purpose, clarity and fulfilment both in and out of work, so they reach their goals and ambitions faster, and they’re happier and more purposeful in work and life.


People engage Laura to work with them because of her direct, open approach which is framed with kindness and coupled with exceptional active listening skills; she can quickly help someone identify barriers and limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and then help them devise effective and purposeful action plans so they can move forwards in their career and life.


Laura’s varied career has involved working in education, careers guidance, marketing/comms, fundraising, business development, retail and recruitment; the core essence of her career has been working closely with people – she is passionate about helping and guiding people to find fulfilment, purpose and motivation in their careers and all aspects of their lives. Laura also loves spending her free time being creative and has attended several Arienas workshops which she has loved!


Laura lives in Edinburgh and coaches remotely with people across the UK, Europe and further afield globally. She worked with Lynn to develop the 'How to turn your creative passion into a career' course to support people who attend workshops at The Arienas Collective take the first steps towards making a living from their creative activities.


"I’m so excited to collaborate with The Arienas Collective to run workshops, because it is such a nurturing, creative and empowering space, enabling all attendees to thrive and be the best version of themselves!”



After graduating in Visual Communication from Edinburgh College of Art, Jenny has enjoyed working as an award-winning brand and packaging designer for some of Scotland's most respected agencies.


With more than 30 years experience, she believes in design as a power for good: from clearly communicating a message, to simple feel good factors from the aesthetics and problem solving process itself.


Jenny worked as Creative Director for Navy-blue Oman, and Design Director at The Leith Agency's sister company EH6 for many years. Jenny is now one half of duo Smith and Riley, and has a strong interest in ethically produced products. This has taken her to The Netherlands and Sri Lanka for Fair-trade, and led to joining The Scottish Soapworks six years ago to brand, promote and teach people the art of ethical soap-making.


Jenny has also taught graphic design to students at Napier University and set mentor projects, and has been an external examiner for Edinburgh College over a number of years.


After graduating in Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013, Jodie birthed her interactive arts festival, Aespia, which won the New Festival on the Block award in 2018.


From hosting 24-hour celebrations of art, music, theatre and escapism, to running areas, stages and takeovers at Bestival, Meadows in the Mountains, Latitude, Camp Bestival and more, Jodie has shared her live art experiences all over the UK and Europe.

In between organising festivals and events, Jodie designs websites (including this one!), illustrations and graphics; teaches creative, immersive workshops to adults and children; and is applying to study a Masters in Arts Psychotherapy, to learn how to combine her passion for creativity and connection with therapeutic communication.

"The Arienas Collective provides a safe, comfortable and welcoming space to share art with an intimate number of people - it's a teacher's dream! It allows me to really get to know the students' intentions for the session, so they leave feeling fulfilled and inspired, as well as with a new artwork to proudly take home."



Julie Galante is an artist, writer, and consultant for small creative businesses. Her studio practice involves interpreting her environment in paint and mixed media. Her most recent bodies of work have focused on cityscapes and human figures. Edinburgh has featured prominently in her work since her move here in 2013. Her BA in Psychology and Perception of Visual Art also informs her art, as she constantly experiments with ways to draw the viewer into a piece. 


Julie also holds an MBA in International Management and has worked in finance, marketing, and business development roles in various small organisations. She launched her creative freelance career in 2010 as a painter and travel writer. Over the years she found herself sharing her business knowledge and experience with other creatives, and felt great satisfaction when they were able to use this knowledge to further their careers; this led to adding ‘creative business consultant’ to her growing list of job titles. She is passionate about helping creatives make the most out of their practice. 


“I am a big believer in lifestyle design. Money is important, but it’s not the only factor when we’re designing our careers (if it were, most of us wouldn’t be pursuing creative careers!). My goal is to help creatives follow a path that allows them to balance their creative and financial goals with their overall well-being, spending as much time as possible doing the activities that bring the most satisfaction.”


Kate Emmerson is an international speaker, coach, mentor with five published books, including co-author of “Write Your Book in 100 Days.” She has been guiding and supporting clients to pause, step within and ignite their inner voice.


Hosting writing and transformational retreats all over the world, she uses writing as a tool to help you access creativity, process the past, heal and forgive and envision your future.


She started journalling when she was 13 years, and 40 years later has been featured in every South African magazine, as well as Psychologies and the Guardian in the UK.


She passionately believes in the good old fashioned art of writing on paper with pen and ink to access both sides of the brain alongside your heart.

Kate Emmerson - IMG0517.jpg


Lucy Wayman is a Welsh Artist, currently based in Edinburgh. Lucy graduated with a Sculpture Degree from Edinburgh College of Art in 2016.


Her current practice uses traditional craft techniques, such as macramé, to intuitively join fibres together to create large, complex hanging structures.

Lucy Wayman_edited.jpg


Lou is an artist and printmaker. She left a career in IT in order to pursue a more creative life and found it in the visual arts. She has been teaching workshops in art and design for fifteen years and developing her own creative practice. She studied textile art and fashion in Stockport and began incorporating more and more printmaking techniques in her work before moving wholeheartedly to becoming a printmaker.


Lou is a member at Edinburgh Printmakers where she creates original prints that have been exhibited around the UK, most notably at the Royal Academy and with the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers. She is halfway through a practice-based PhD with the University of Glasgow which sees her creating prints in response to new ideas in theology and economics.


“I love passing on the skills and knowledge that I have learnt from others and it gives me great pleasure to see creativity and confidence develop as folk get to grips with something new. I’m delighted to be delivering workshops as part of the Arienas Collective and look forward to a wonderful, playful time."



Lynn manages the day-to-day running of The Arienas Collective. She has a love of all things creative and community-minded, and has worked with teams of creatives in the worlds of textiles, fashion, design, marketing and advertising. As an amateur photographer, Lynn is fascinated by the patterns and displays left by nature or people, and through her Sgrìobh Instagram account combines her passion for patterns with a recent desire to get more people communicating through writing cards. Lynn is also a mentor for Creative Edinburgh.

"I've become increasingly aware of the many challenges artists face when trying to promote and develop their business. Setting up and running The Arienas Collective as a hub for delivering creative learning experiences is my way of helping artists make a living from their art, leaving them with more time to do what they're best at - creating."



Mark has been drawing since before he can remember. After years spent as a graphic designer working with many agencies and publications he has reverted to his childhood - filling sketchbooks with the everyday sites that life in Scotland’s capital city provides.

Mark runs his own illustration company ‘Edinburgh Sketcher’ where he creates both personal and corporate commissions, working with many of Edinburgh’s hotels and tourism agencies highlighting what the city has to offer for visitors. He also sketches live at events such as weddings and festivals and runs personal drawing tours around Scotland.

With a strong following on social media he enjoys sharing his hidden views of the city and reminding residents of the beauty in the everyday.


"I love seeing people create more than they thought they could, more than they give themselves credit for. My art workshops are all about building confidence and seeing what happens."



Jacky discovered the joy of mosaic making when she moved to Devon 15 years ago, after a career working in the criminal justice system and with drug & alcohol users in London and South East England. In Devon, alongside her job with the National Trust, she worked with Magic Carpet – an arts-for-wellbeing charity - primarily supporting people with learning disabilities and/or mental health issues and saw first hand the positive benefits that involvement in creative activities can bring.


Jacky finds mosaic making absorbing, relaxing and mesmerising: a source of peace in a frantic world. She enjoys working with a variety of materials including glass, recycled crockery and natural materials like slate and sea glass. Since recently moving to Edinburgh, alongside her work as an independent charity consultant, Jacky has focused on making mosaics for sale, and on developing mosaic workshops which will both teach a new skill and provide a relaxing, positive and fun experience.


‘I have gained so much joy and pleasure from learning and practicing mosaic making and I’m excited to be sharing my love of this process via the Arienas Collective. Making something gorgeous to be proud of from just a pile of bits and pieces is so rewarding – and yet what is equally satisfying is immersing oneself in the ‘doing’ – being in the moment and going with the flow’.


Ever since being taught calligraphy, all of Panna's art has incorporated lettering; whether abstract or traditional...and whether it is legible or not! Calligraphy does not just have to be writing on paper: many of Panna's pieces are on fabric, ceramics and glass. And she also uses different languages in her work. For the past 10 years Panna has been involved in an exciting project creating art on the walls of a school in the West Bank: the boys help with the painting, offering their ideas!

"In Palestine, my love of art, calligraphy and the hot sun are all combined! I spend time every summer painting with the boys and watching them feel so proud with what they create...just wonderful! The Arienas Collective is another innovative creative project which I am thrilled to be a part of."

Stitched Slowed Scarf 6.jpg


Maija Nygren is a Finnish knitwear designer based in Edinburgh. Maija grew up surrounded by craft that was made to endure cold weather, and last a lifetime. She was taught to knit and crochet by her grandmothers, knitting her first five-needle mittens at just 6 years old.

Maija spent her early professional career in theatre wardrobes designing and making costumes. She returned to studying for a BA(Hons) and MA in Knitwear at Galashiels School of Textiles. Since graduating in 2018, Maija set up her company Almaborealis to challenge fast fashion, celebrate traditional crafts and the beauty of hand made.


Today Maija lives in Edinburgh with her daughter. She knits for her company, and shares her craft skills with children and adults. She is passionate about the environment, and learning about the world, people and plants we live amongst.


Suzanne graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 1988 with a degree in Drawing & Painting. She has been painting on and off ever since from her Edinburgh studio and has exhibited with various Galleries across Scotland.


After working for a number of years in the charity sector, Suzanne now has more time in her studio where she continues to explore and challenge herself as an artist. Having more time to pursue her art has led her to rediscover her love of printing.


“I am delighted to be delivering workshops with The Arienas Collective. It is a beautiful, intimate space that immediately puts you at ease and allows you to relax and lose yourself in being creative. I am one of those people that believe there’s an artist within all of us. For some of us our lives become full with other things and we lose that connection to the arts that we enjoyed when we were young. It’s never too late to learn something new. I look forward to working with you at The Arienas Collective.”

LULOlivia - eoincarey_0025.jpg


Olivia Irvine gained a BA Honours and a Diploma in Postgraduate Studies in Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art. Shortly afterwards, she spent a year in Madrid on a Spanish Government Scholarship and five years later completed an MA in European Fine Art at Winchester School of Art in Barcelona. Since then, she has worked in her studio in Edinburgh.


She specialises in drawing, collage and painting. For painting, she mainly uses oil on canvas but is also interested in ancient techniques. She taught herself egg tempera (pigment and egg yolk) and, for the past ten years, has been learning fresco (pigment on damp lime plaster).


She recently received a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship to gain more training in fresco which took her to France and Italy. 


Olivia is interested in observation, memory and imagination and how they work together. She is an ardent filler of sketchbooks, and a lover of colour. Her drawings are mainly observational and done with charcoal or pencil, and sometimes she collages drawings from different eras together. Her paintings are imaginative, but contain elements of the observed and remembered.


Favourite subjects are figures in enclosed spaces, such as rooms and formal gardens. She has exhibited in Edinburgh and further afield and taken part in several artist residencies.


Olivia has taught many workshops and classes and is currently a teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh Short Courses. 


"Teaching is an important part of my practice. I enjoy helping others to see the potential of their creativity, no matter what stage they are at. I love the atmosphere at The Arienas Collective; it is so beautiful with a huge table to work at, natural light pouring in and cosy chairs to sit on when you need a break. The atmosphere is welcoming and non-competitive."



Susan is a nature-based illustrator of books, cards, and giftware. She loves to work with watercolour and painted paper collage. Susan studied Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art and started to focus on illustration when she moved to Montreal. She wanted to work from home when her son was born and began illustrating Christmas cards for a Montreal company, and moved on to illustrating several children’s books. Since moving back to Scotland, Susan has developed her own range of greeting cards and notebooks which are stocked in independent gift shops across Scotland. Along with working on her own projects, she loves to teach and runs various workshops and classes for adults and children in and around Edinburgh. 

“Teaching with The Arienas Collective is wonderful. It is a pleasure to see people’s creativity and confidence blossom in such a relaxed and inspiring environment.”

Susan Mitchell photo 1.jpg
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