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The truth about the belief: “I’m not creative”

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Guest blog post by Eugenia Rosa

The truth about the ‘lie’: “I’m not creative”.

When I talk about the wonderful experience of using The Artist’s Way as a method for (re)discovery and (re)claiming your creativity and imagination, it’s often met with resistance.

“I’m not creative, let alone an artist!” I hear exclaimed… And that response is completely fine, but entirely untrue.

It’s OK to be skeptical of your capacity for creativity. You’ve likely not explore or practiced intentionally for a long time. Perhaps it was a class at school or during an enforced team-building exercise.

The truth, well a fact really, is that creativity is innate. It occurs naturally within every one of us. We are creating our lives whether we realise it or not: our homes; meals; relationships; careers; personal projects or hobbies; holiday plans, etc. Whilst these might not seem inherently ‘creative’ they are evidence - even if only small - of how we are designing and building a life. All of it brought into being through various expressions of our desires, our tastes and preferences and that which we enjoy and perhaps even find fun, or entertaining.

So, what if you became more a little more intentional and directed in your awareness about your self-expression?

You might not have realised, but there is likely a part of you desiring the chance to retreat and find a place that offers comfort and possibility for considering it all. Where life has taken you, where you are currently along the path, and maybe now what you feel motivated or curious about as you look towards the horizon line of your future.

One place to join the dots and make sense of it all is in circle with The Artist’s Way as your companion. The profoundness of this process and method cannot be underestimated. Julia Cameron’s work is internationally recognised and acclaimed for the simple fact that it provides a transformative experience for the participant.

The self-inquiry that can happen between you and a blank page creates unimagined clarity and the precise remedy and map for making change in your life.

It might just be the change that sees you embark on a deeply secret passion you’ve never acted upon. Or it could be the change the prepares that way for a sabbatical or career transition that’s been tugging at you for the last few years. For the established artist, it is often a new body of work.

The possibilities are limitless.

You are welcome to explore your innate creativity in community with the Artist’s Way Women’s Circle. This 13 week journey is an invitation for an exciting adventure with your inner artist, maker or imagineer, based on Julia Cameron’s acclaimed book of the same name. Led by Eugenia Rosa - a Writer, Artist, Embodied Womanhood Mentor and impassioned encourager of play and curiosity - you will experience a joyful, honest and heart-centred facilitation, which allows space for the unfolding and shared wisdom of the circle. 


Eugenia is a Creatix, Women’s Embodiment Mentor and Teacher, and impassioned encourager of curiosity and play. With formal education and training in various practices within the Embodied Arts (theatre and fashion design, music, education, and bodywork), Eugenia’s work and practice is grounded in a whole-of-self approach. In this way, working with Eugenia is an invitation to explore the fullness of our beings through creating, and allowing change and challenge to awaken and reveal the woman within. To support such transformation she has become devotional about her daily creative expression, ritual and mindful-intimacy practices which she has found to stoke her artistic fire with possibility and freedom.

Through her website, she shares her reflections and learning by offering tools, practices, and pathways for women to (re)connect and (re)ignite their passion, purpose and self-empowerment.  

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