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Start the New Year with time, space and wonder to journey with your inner artist, maker or imagineer - join The Artist’s Way Creative Women’s Circle at The Arienas Collective. 


For the creatively curious, sometimes whimsical, freelancer, entrepreneur, doubter and established artist alike, you are invited on a 13 week deep dive into Julia Cameron’s internationally acclaimed  'The Artist’s Way' methodology. 

Each week we will come together to reflect on the core practices of ‘Morning Pages’, and ‘The Artist’s Date’ as well as cultivating self-awareness, setting clear actions, and accountability in the process of growing our creativity and projects. Expect an inclusive, women's-only, community and enjoy the comfort and inspiration of The Arienas Collective’s homely, arts-space in Central Edinburgh.

Led by Eugenia Rosa - a Writer, Artist, Embodied Womanhood Mentor and impassioned encourager of play and curiosity - you will experience a joyful, honest and heart-centred facilitation, which allows space for the unfolding and shared wisdom of the Creative Circle members. 

Eugenia will also encourage you with her unique approach to the work, including self-supporting practices and embodiment techniques (mindfulness, movement and creative processes) to unlock your blocks and barriers, and expand and liberate the innate talent within. Expect a little humour and irreverence along the way too!

In addition to the weekly workshop, you will also receive support by way of weekly emails that include inquiry prompts to support your ‘homework’, as well as membership to a private online Facebook community where inspiration and sharing enhance the process. 


Amazing, friendly and professional facilitation… Thank you so much for the past 13 weeks – it’s been a blast… There were so many insights, but I think these were often only realised, or fully realised as a result of group sharing/reflection. And often it was reassuring to hear that others experienced the same challenges, doubts, etc as myself. For me, overall, the experience has inspired me to become less fearful, to prioritise creative endeavours more and to enjoy more creativity and creative approaches to life.” Marianne 


You can read more about The Artist's Way Creative Circle and previous feedback here.


For the 13 weeks all you will require is a personal copy of Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way, and a journal for daily morning pages and Creative Circle practices. All other materials, as well as light refreshments, are included.


Tuesday evenings, 6.30-8.30pm

Starts on Tuesday 28th January 2020 and ends on 5th May

Cost £333 (just over £25 per session)


(PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the language of the text references God, this is a secular group that encourages you to find your own meaning and language for the ideas and concepts presented.)


*A number of payment options are available. Please visit the shop for more information.


Price: £333 per person*

Duration: 13 weeks

Timings: Tuesdays, 7pm - 9pm

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